Email Marketing Center

A flexible and easy to use email marketing system for law firms. 

A flexible and easy to use email marketing system for law firms, EMC enables firms to send newsletters, legal updates, and event invitations to large distribution lists, manage distribution lists, and track campaign effectiveness with smart metrics.

Manage Email Distribution Lists

Saturno EMC enables firms to create and build email distributions lists or use existing email lists stored in other systems. Simply import contacts from another software system, add new contacts manually, or copy lists to EMC on demand. You can also integrate EMC with CRM systems.

Newsletter and Topic Subscription Management

Using online subscription forms, visitors to your website can sign up or manage their email subscriptions by selecting the areas of law or specific publications that interest them. Updates are posted automatically into EMC, or sent to you for review and action – your choice. You can even add your own areas of interest or email subscription categories to your online registration forms.

Big or Small Lists – Fast Email Distribution

EMC is capable of sending emails to tens of thousands of emails in short period of time, and can send to as many email recipients as you wish.

Metrics & Email Campaign Reporting

Saturno EMC monitors each of your campaigns and reports on effectiveness including click-through, bounce backs or failures, incorrectly formatted email addresses, and other metrics. It even tracks activity by individual recipient.

Smart Integration with Your Website

EMC was developed to integrate with specialized website services, like subscription forms, event registration forms, and other personalized services you provide on your website. The Saturno model of tracking and metrics collects information at every stage in a client's electronic activity and delivers information needed for the most complete intelligence.

Personalized Email Messages

EMC can personalize email messages to address recipients by name or company, include personalized web links and other personalized content.

Easily Work with Email Templates

EMC enables firms to work with as many different branded graphical email templates and styles as needed. Use separate distinctly branded templates for the various publications your firm produces, and customize them as much as needed. No need for technical skills – sending email is as a simple as selecting an email template and clicking the send button.

Integration with Website & Content Management

EMC will integrate with a website content management system to enable your firm to repurpose web content for email campaigns. You can publish a legal update to the web, and then send it to one or more email lists using EMC.

Event RSVP Management

Send email invitations and then collect event registrations on your website, including payment processing. Then easily manage registration lists. EMC provides customizable online registration forms and will track all registrations for any event posted to your website. View registration lists, export to Excel and other data formats, and even do mail merge for the creation of personalized event materials, reminder mailings, labels, name badges, and other event materials.

Unlimited Use – No Extra Usage Fees

No per email or monthly charges. Use EMC to create as many email campaigns and mailings as you would like, and to as many recipients as you would like.

Unlimited Users within Your Firm

Allow as many people within your organization to use EMC as you would like. Control who is allowed to use EMC with a powerful but easy to use control panel.

Send Emails in Multiple Languages

EMC supports content in multiple languages and character sets.

Version Management, Resend Previous Emails

EMC keeps a complete history of all email campaigns sent. Use the history for reporting, reference, or resend a previously sent email to a new distribution list.

Flexible Licensing – No Nickel & Dime

There are three licensing options available for Saturno Email Marketing Center to accommodate the needs of large, medium, and small firms alike.

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