5 Tips for Creating Winning Proposals

Leverage Brand Equity

Your firm has successfully established itself in the marketplace. Make sure that your proposal system is using similar brand elements to create consistency. There are constants that should be part of your checklist when reviewing the proposal before submission: Firm Logo, Firm Tagline, Firm Colors and other rules in your brand guidelines.

Identify Points of Differentiation

Your practice is known for excelling in one area. Highlighting this cannot be missed. Clients want to know they have the best team working on their behalf. Your proposal should highlight why your team's expertise is the right one for them.

Customize Your Proposal

The more you customize your proposal, the more you will stand out from your competitors. Yours is not the only proposal being reviewed, so each page or slide should have a purpose. Use graphics, case studies, and make sure to get the important message across on every page. Make sure to communicate that one key takeaway in your headline. 


Being able to quickly search and include experience via bulleted list, tombstones, tables or other format to explain why you are the best choice and backing it up with previous results. Being able to save your proposal and use it as a jumping off point for new requests saves time and efforts. Being able to easily add, remove, edit and reorder the various types of content based on the needs of that specific proposal can make the difference between a document that flows smoothly on one that feels like a boiler plate production.

Focus on Your Audience

Don't spend all of your time talking about how great you are. Focus on the needs of your client first. Each client is looking for a firm that can solve a problem. Find the connection between your firm's strengths and the needs of your potential client. In addition, take the time to pick up the phone and schedule a meeting to understand those needs and establish a relationship. There's nothing better than a personal touch. 

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