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MG+M The Law Firm

MG+M embarked on a website redesign to establish a distinct industry presence, highlighting their leadership in litigation among competitors. As a national litigation powerhouse, MG+M Law Firm represents corporate defendants in high-stakes cases, holding roles as national coordinating counsel, trial counsel, and regional coordinating counsel for both US and international companies. The optimization ensures clarity, reinforcing MG+M's unique market positioning.

Beyond achieving a modern design, the goal was to mirror the client experience and essence of their offices. This involved careful leveraging of their iconic 'Plus Sign,' deeply ingrained since inception, ensuring a cohesive representation.

This approach emerged from a comprehensive brand analysis by Saturno’s team, forming the foundation for a new brand positioning. The team revitalized the design to convey their renewed commitment expressed in the statement, “Transforming Client Experiences On Matters That Matter Most.”

The result is a sleek, uniquely expressive look aligning with contemporary design standards, breathing new life into MG+M's brand. The 'Plus Sign' becomes a dynamic representation of their commitment to transformative client experiences.

Project: Website redesign, installation and configuration of the Saturno WebBack CM2 content management system

Services: Branding & Design, Content Management, Development

Software: Saturno WebBack CM2

Website: mgmlaw.com


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