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    Supports Partner Retreat

    The Katten Partner Retreat App was developed to help partners participate, connect, share, and prepare for the annual partner retreat. With nearly 300 attorneys attending the retreat, organizers saw a need to provide information to attendees before, during, and after the event. Because most attorneys use smartphones and tablets, Katten decided to pursue a mobile app in order to make retreat information highly available and portable.

  • Access and Device

    The app was made available to attendees for multiple devices and the interface was optimized for the best user experience on each device. Supported devices included mobile phones (iPhone, Android) and tablets (iPad, Android, e-Readers). A mobile website version of the app was also created in order to serve users who did not want to install the app, or who were using other types of mobile phones. Finally, notebook or desktop computers were also supported with a website that provided the same content and functionality.

  • Personalization & Security

    The app includes a login screen to protect confidential content and to identify the individual user. The app can customize content for each user, including the retreat schedule.

  • Functionality

    The app start screen provides an easy-to-use and graphically appealing interface that matches the firm's visual identity. Menu options are large, touch-friendly buttons with icons.

  • My Schedule

    Because the app identifies each individual user, content can be customized. Each partner can access their own schedule for the retreat by clicking the My Schedule button from the main menu.

  • Partner Directory

    Katten wanted partners to learn more about each other. A directory of partners is available in the app, including profiles and photos for each.

  • Partner Profiles

    Partner Profiles include answers to questions like "How would you describe your practice to a prospective client?" or "What should others in the firm know about your practice?" Additional questions and answers about personal interests and hobbies further promote connections and conversations between partners.

  • Video

    Practice leaders are featured in short videos in which they discuss their practice groups so that partners in other groups can learn about and promote those groups. Videos are available for all devices, including iPhone and iPad.

  • Firm Information

    The Firm Information section features practice area information, recent and important firm news, general retreat information, and information about Katten Cares, the firm's program to promote volunteer and charitable activities. This section also includes contact information for various event organizers, as well as a way to ask general questions or get help.

  • Retreat Files

    A collection of important retreat materials are available by touching the Files button. Materials are available in PDF format so they are readable on any device.

  • Search

    The app includes a keyword search to find any partner profile and his/her contact information. This search tool helps attorneys to find and connect with others in any Katten office, learn about what they do, and cross-promote service offerings.

  • Remote Management

    Manual updates are not required. Content within the app can be updated across all devices anytime using the Saturno WebBack content management system. Updates do not require users to re-install or update the app manually using their mobile devices. Instead, Katten can edit, remove, or add new content using a single control panel and then push those updates to all user devices.

  • Offline Use

    Katten wanted partners to be able to use the app without an internet connection - while traveling or when unable to find wireless service. Upon installation, the app automatically loads the most recent data and images from a remote app management server. Once loaded, the app is fully functional without an internet or wireless connection. If the firm changes or adds any new content, the app will download the updates the next time a connection is available.

  • What's Next for Katten?

    The partner app will serve as the basis for a business development app that can be rolled out firm-wide. In the future, the app will enable attorneys and others in the firm to work with experience data, manage proposals and RFPs, and connect with others in the firm.

  • The Move to Mobile

    Mobile apps aren't just for clients. There are lots of great ways to use mobile within your organization for greater convenience and efficiency. Start a conversation with us or with others in your organization.

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