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Barclay Damon

Barclay Damon sought to distinguish itself from competitors by highlighting the collaborative ethos among its attorneys and emphasizing a business-first approach for clients. Each attorney's approach mirrors running their own business, fostering accountability. The goal was to adopt a more holistic and modern look for the firm.

To achieve this, the creative team developed Barclay Damon's new visual identity, emphasizing their team's collaborative spirit, client-centric focus, and holistic approach to legal services. The concept of "Business-Minded Attorneys" encapsulates their commitment to understanding clients' businesses deeply, ensuring optimal outcomes. The redesigned homepage features industry-specific videos, highlighting the firm's critical business sectors. Our design and video production teams collaborated from concept to production, resulting in a technologically advanced and focused homepage.

This transformation not only distinguishes Barclay Damon but also earned the website redesign a W3 Gold award, recognizing its impact and innovation in redefining the firm's online presence.

Project: Development of the firm's responsive website, and installation and configuration of the Saturno WebBack CM2 content management system.

Services: Design, Website, Content Management

Software: Saturno WebBack CM2

Website: barclaydamon.com


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